MacBook Readiness

This page is designed to guide students in setting up their new MacBook laptops. Students are expected to have fully charged laptops, in excellent working condition, every school day. 

5 Steps for Getting Laptops School-Ready: Student / Parent ToDo List 

Parents, please help your child set up the following 5 items before the start of school:

  1. Update the operating system to the latest version
  2. Administrative Access
  3. Apple ID & Password Setup
  4. Install the following learning applications from the app store or the download link provided:
  5. Check for Application Updates in App Store

If you have any problems, please contact ict at ssis.edu.vn. When you are on campus, you can get help at our office, located in the basement of the High School building.

Before school officially begins, we also recommend that your review our technology agreements for families:

Technology Agreement (Complete) and supporting video - can be reviewd and agreed upon by families at home.

Technology Agreement (Blank) - can be completed by parent and child together at home.

MacBook Bootcamp - Homeroom Teacher Instructions

For Elementary School homeroom teachers walking Grade 4 and 5 students through the initial Macbook setup process, please ensure you have the list of "old passwords" for all students enrolled in your class.  This is for resetting the students' SSIS Login Password.  The list of old passwords is provided by the Elementary School Instructional Coach for Technology.

ClassLink will manage all passwords for the students. 

  1. Connect to SSIS Wi-Fi using the old password
  2. Log on to ClassLink using the old password
  3. Reset SSIS Login Password:
    1. Click on your profile picture (top right)
    2. Select Settings/Recovery/Reset Password
  4. Chrome Installation and Setup
    1. Chrome Installation - If needed
    2. Launching Chrome for the First Time 
    3. Chrome User Account Setup
  5. Check for Application Updates in App Store
  6. Setup Online Learning Platforms Appropriate for Your Grade Level
    1. Log on to ClassLink using the new password
    2. Click on the App provided by your teacher. Use single sign-on or credentials provided by your teacher. This is a once-off, thereafter, no sign-in is required. 

OLD - Please do not include this…..

  1. Khan Academy
  2.  Typing Club
  1. Additional Information for Students
    1. Hapara
    2. Organizing Google Drive
    3. PowerSchool Learning
    4. PowerSchool Student and Parent
    5. Citrus Distraction Blocker