SSIS Wifi Access (Wi-Fi)


Select the appropriate Wifi network


Enter your SSIS username and password


Select the appropriate Wifi network

Configure as below picture with your username and password


Parents can use the SSID of SSISParents to use the wifi.  The Meraki authenticates using the Active Directory.  If the user cannot use the SSIS user/password, you can try to reset the password through CAS to ensure all the password is synchronized.


All other guests are required to register with their NAME and EMAIL.  A sponsored email must come from ssis.edu.vn domain and also as part of the guest ambassador or admin of Meraki.  Currently we have allocated Chau Nguyen (receptionist) as the only guest ambassador.  All other Meraki administrators can also approve guest requests.

Another thing that is different: the guest must accept the term of usage before submission.

The time limit of use for this session is one day.  After that, the user must register again.


Connecting to an Open Network

During the first week of school, SSIS provides an open Wi-Fi network for students who need to reset their SSIS Login Password.  The name of the Wi-Fi network should be “SSIS G4-5”.  Alternatively, look for a Wi-Fi network that does not have the padlock symbol to the right.



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