App Store

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This page explains how to use the Apple App Store.

Installing Apps

1.  Search for the desired application in the search bar to the top left.


2.  Click "Get" and "Install" for the chosen application.


3.  The app store may require you to input your Apple ID and Password


4.  Additionally, you may be prompted to configure your password security preferences.


5.  The application should start downloading.  When it is finished, downloading it will appear in the applications folder.


You have successfully downloaded and installed an app from the app store!


Checking for Updates

1.  On the homepage of the App store, click on "Updates" on the left hand side in the window pane.


2.  Any available updates will be listed.  Please update all learning applications.

3.  If all applications are up to date, the app store will say "No Updates".

If you receive the message below...

Please follow these steps:

Go to the App Store  'Account' page showing the affected apps (your Apple ID should be showing at the bottom left of the window).

• Go to Launchpad and find the apps which won't update.

• Click and hold an app until the icons wobble.

• Click the 'X' on each affected app's icon to delete it.

• Quit Launchpad

• At this point you might need to wait for a minute or two while the affected apps are actually deleted form your system.

• Return to the App Store

• Search for the apps and download them again or click 'Update' or the 'Cloud/download' icon for each affected app.

The apps should now install and work as expected.