Vehicle and Pedestrian Access To Campus

In order to maintain a safe campus for pedestrians and drivers, regulations are in place. Please read the following to assure compliance.

Cars may enter the campus at Gate # 2 and exit through Gate # 3. Students must be dropped off in a safe manner. The driver should proceed through the driveway as shown on the circulation map to the drop off zone, unless parking. No drop o of passengers on campus is allowed outside of the drop o zone, unless via the parking lot. In the interests of safety, all students and parents must exit on the curb side only when in drop off area.

Vehicle Regulations on the SSIS Campus

  1. Drivers of vehicles entering the SSIS campus, whether they are parents or employees of the family, must obey all posted signs and must follow the directions of SSIS sta and uniformed guards.
  2. Speed limit on campus is 8 km per hour. Upon entering campus drivers must slow to this speed.
  3. Passengers of vehicles must exit and enter the vehicle at the drop o area or in the parking lot.
  4. Drivers will give right-of-way to pedestrians and must stop at ‘zebra crossings’ to allow pedestrians to cross.
  5. Drivers waiting for parents to return to a vehicle after drop-o must go to the parking lot.
  6. Horns should be sounded only in cases where it is necessary to warn others of some unsafe situation.
  7. Drivers are prohibited from using the phone while driving. 8.. Smoking prohibition on campus includes the parking lot.


Pedestrian Regulations on the SSIS Campus


  1. Pedestrians must use the pedestrian Gate A and B for entry on campus.
  2. Pedestrians are not allowed to use Auto Gates 1, 2, and 3 for entry.
  3. Pedestrians must use zebra crossings for accessing main entrance and exits. Pedestrians must use the internal pedestrian path only.
  4. Parking lot users, please use raised sidewalk in parking lot and zebra crossings to access main entry.
  5. Pedestrians must wait for crossing guards to allow crossing vehicle paths when guards are present and directing traffic. When guards are not present, pedestrians should be alert and look both ways when crossing vehicle paths

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