Printer setup for MS Art

  1. Click Download and Run
  2. Open Finder > Download > Double click --> SSIS_Printer_Student.dmg 
  3. Open Finder > See the picture > Double click Printer_A300_Color

* Do Step 4 - 6 . If no pop up, do Step 7

      4. Click "Cancel"

       5.  Open System Preferences - click on Security & Privacy

         6. Select > General > Click "Open Anyway"

      7. Click Open


      8. Enter your computer login password

     9. Now you should have the A300_Color in your printer list

     10. After finished install, type the school account for printing: username and password.


First Time Printing

When printing for the first time, you will have to enter your SSIS Login Credentials to authorize your computer to print.

1. From the application you would like to print from, go to File > Print, or press “Command + P”.

2.   Make sure the printer selected is “A300_Color”.  Click “Print”.

3. Enter username and password.

4. Go to the A300_Color printer ---> scan ID Card at the PC Release Station.