Managing Distractions

Do you easily get distracted by other websites while trying to do your work on your computer? Can you not keep yourself from looking at those websites even though you know they are causing you to waste time and lose focus? Well, there is a tool that can help you focus! 
Download SELF CONTROL, a free Mac app that helps you block distracting websites for a set period of time.
Use the BLACKLIST option to turn off access to one or more websites you know cause you distraction. The rest of the Internet is still available. For example, if Facebook and TMZ.com are distracting you, put those URLs (www.facebook.com &www.tmz.com) into the list. Choose the amount of time you need to focus. Only those two sites will be blocked for that amount of time. 
Use the WHITELIST option to turn off access to the whole internet except the site(s) you need to use. For example, if you need to focus on writing a paper in Google Docs, choose Whitelist and put in the Google Docs URL (docs.google.com). Choose the amount of time you need to focus. The entire Internet except Google Docs will unavailable for that amount of time.
It's very easy to use. Check out this video tutorial for how to use it (note: the tutorial only shows the blacklist option). You can use it at home and at school.
Download Self Control here: https://selfcontrolapp.com