Google Search Techniques

Below are search operators to use to you get the most out of your search engine experience. Each one includes the exact operator and example of how to use it:


  1. Negative Keyword
    Printer -cartridge will show results for the word printer but not the word cartridge.

  2. File Type
    Cancer research filetype:pdf will show only results that you can download as a PDF flie.

  3. Synonyms Match
    ~car will search for "car" and synonyms of "car"

  4. Phrase Match
    "keyword keyword"
    "chocolate chip cookies" will not get results for someone who wrote "chocolate mint chip cookies". Only those three words in that order.

  5. OR
    The | symbol
    Jessica + Williams|Wiliams|William is a search for all of those possibilities (Jessica Williams OR Wiliams OR William)

  6. Price Range
    bedding $100…$200 will show search results for bedding between $100 and $200 dollars

  7. All in Text
    allintext: chicken cilantro lime recipe will show search results for recipes with these three ingredients<

  8. Search Within
    Animals site:www.facebook.com will show only animal related pages within Facebook.

  9. Date Search
    Facebook daterange: 201108 will find only informationa nd news from August 2011.

  10. Fill in the Blank
    Obama signed the * bill this week will allow google to treat the star as a placeholder for any unknown term(s) and then find the best matches.


adapted from: http://www.amplify-interactive.com/blog/search-engines/advanced-google-search-tips/