Google Meet: Asking questions

Use the Q&A feature in Google Meet to help keep students engaged and make the class more interactive. Teachers get a detailed report of all the questions and answers at the end of the virtual class. 

  • Moderators can ask as many questions as they need. They can even filter or sort questions, mark them as answered, and even hide or prioritize questions.
  • After each meeting where questions are enabled, a questions report will automatically be emailed to the moderator.


Ask a question:

  • In a meeting in the top-right corner, select Activities icon > Questions (To turn on Q&A, select Turn on Q&A)
  • To ask a question, click Ask a question in the lower right-hand corner
  • Enter your questions > select Post

View questions report:

  • After a meeting, the moderators is emailed a questions report
  • Open the email > Click on the report attachment


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