Contact Groups

Create a group

  1. Go to Google Contacts.
  2. On the left under "Labels," click Create label. (If you don’t see "Labels," go to group contacts in old Contacts.)
  3. Type a name, then click OK.


Tips on Gmail Groups

Gmail does not let you instantly create a new group of recipients in a message. For example, if you've been emailed by several people in one group message, you cannot quickly add all of them to a new group. You must instead add each address as a new contact individually, and then add them all to the same group.

The same is true if you type several email addresses in the To, Cc, or Bcc fields and then want to add them to a group. You can hover your mouse over each address, add them as contacts, and then add them to a group, but you cannot quickly add every address to a new group automatically