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Adding a User Profile

This is a great way to work with more than one Google account (for example, ssis.edu.vn and gmail.com accounts) in Chrome without having to sign in and out, or use incognito windows. You can have a window open for each account. For example, in one window you might be looking at your Brown Gmail, Calendar, and Docs, and in another window you might be reading your personal Gmail and using YouTube and Blogger with your personal account. 

Add a new profile
    1.    On your computer, open Chrome.
    2.    At the top right, click Profile.
    3.    Click Add.
    4.    If you choose to Sync to your Google Account, your profile name will automatically be your Account name.
    5.    Choose a name, photo and color scheme.


You will be prompted to sign in to your Google account in the new profile - this is an optional step that lets you sync your bookmarks, web history, and settings from computer to computer in Chrome. Signing into Chrome will also sign you into your Gmail, but if you would rather not sync, you can skip this step and simply visit gmail.com to log in, checking the "keep me signed in" option.

When you want to open your other profile, click the button with your profile name in the top right corner of Chrome and you will see the option to Switch Person (you can also right click on your profile name to pick from a list of all profiles). 

Choosing a different profile will open a new window. You can keep both open simultaneously.