ASA Registration



If you already have your account, click here to visit SchoolsBuddy.


If you do not already have an account with our online system, SchoolsBuddy, you will receive a welcome email from Saigon South International School via SchoolsBuddy with a link to set up your new account (check your spam account if you do not receive this).

You will be able to access SchoolsBuddy from a computer, tablet, or mobile device via the app. We recommend for enrollment purposes to use a device with a large screen such as a tablet or computer to minimize scrolling. Your SchoolsBuddy account will already show your family’s information since all data in SchoolsBuddy is directly pulled from the PowerSchool.


How to Enroll:

  • Follow the link from the email you received from SchoolsBuddy to set up your account. If you need a new activation link sent to your email, contact the activities office


**You MUST click on the link in the SchoolsBuddy email and activate your parent account in order to be able to enroll your child(ren) in ASA’s.**


If you already have your account, click here to visit SchoolsBuddy.

  • Once you are logged in to SchoolsBuddy, select the ‘Activities & Clubs’ tab. You will see the options currently available for enrollment.

  • Select Class Preferences

    • Click the “Choose” button. To select the activities for your child.

    • Select your top three Block 1 Class preferences for each day of the week for each child in your family. You will only be able to see the class options offered for your child(ren)’s grade. 

    • When you are done selecting your classes, click “Review and Confirm.”

    • Review the class preferences you selected for the entire week. If you are happy with your selection, click “COMPLETE and Send ALL to School”.


Helpful Tips:

  • If you are not ready to finalize your schedule, you may SAVE your progress and return at any time.
  • To return to the first page for Activities & Clubs, select the “Activities & Clubs” tab from any page.

  • Remember to SUBMIT TO SCHOOL when your selections are final.

  • You will be able to change your selections at any time during the Enrollment Week.


How Signup works

This signup requires you to make choices and submit these choices to the school for your activities for this period. The school will then allocate activities based upon your selections and the group size.
There may be options for each day. Only select options for a day if you want to take part in an activity for that day.

Once you have selected your choices, please click REVIEW & CONFIRM to see an overview of your preferences before clicking the COMPLETE AND SEND ALL TO SCHOOL button.
After you have sent your choices to the school you will not be able to edit them.


Make choices

Select your preferences for each day. Click the day of the week you want to make choices for. Make your first choice your 'preference1', your second choice 'preference2' and so on. You may only select ONE 'preference1', 'preference2', 'preference3', etc for each day. The system will not let you select P1 twice on the same day. To change your P1 choice first untick the current P1 choice.

When complete move onto the next day.


Submit to school

To save your preferences to complete later choose SAVE FOR LATER. If you want to review all of your choices click REVIEW & CONFIRM.

If during review you want to SUBMIT your choices to the school click on COMPLETE AND SEND ALL TO SCHOOL button. You will need to agree to the terms & conditions set by the school.


Await allocation

When the signup period closes, school staff will begin the task of allocating students their preferred choices where possible. Following allocation, you will receive an email notifying you of your allocated activities. You can then use SchoolsBuddy to view all of these activities in your SchoolsBuddy diary.


Join Phase

After you receive your child's allocated activities you may request additional activities by submitting an Ask to Join request. Log in to your SchoolsBuddy account and tick the Ask to Join request below the requested activity.

Ask to Join requests are not available for full activities.


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