Video Conferencing Student Guidelines

Video Conferencing Student Guidelines

These guidelines are designed to help students use videoconferencing tools effectively.

Before the Class

  • Choose a quiet place - remind others at home that you are in Virtual School

  • Sit in school appropriate surroundings, like a desk or table (not a bed)

  • Dress as if you were at a free-dress day for school, same guidelines

  • Don’t sit with your back to a window or bright light

  • Turn off background noise (TV, music, etc)

  • Make sure your surroundings are appropriate and don’t distract others

During the Class

  • Pay attention the same way you would in class

  • Don’t distract during the class (don’t tap your desk, chew gum or other things that will cause unnecessary distractions)

  • Use headphones if possible 

  • Listen to instructions and answer when you are called on 

  • Speak in a strong clear voice

  • Be respectful to the teacher and classmates, using the same language as at school

After the Class

  • Leave the video conference at the end of the session.

  • Follow up privately with your teacher, if there was something you did not understand.