Technology Management Tips for Parents

Setting Limits:

  • Set time limit per day for total screen time, and gradually allow the child more control over how they allocate that time.
  • Set a specific time, or set of times, when the computer can be used.
  • No computer use after a certain time.
  • No technology at the dinner table.
  • How to Cut Children’s Screen Time? Say No to Yourself First

Developing Time Management:

Take Advantage of Tech Breaks:

Research shows that knowing you have specific time set aside to check social networking sites actually helps students focus better, so Dr. Larry Rosen recommends 25 minutes of homework time, then 5 minutes of a tech break, then study again.

Family Agreements:


  • regular monitoring of comments made/received
  • checking the browser history regularly

Regular and open conversations with your child are always the best way to make these strategies successful.

Some further resources:

Social Media Has Not Destroyed A Generation

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