Student Laptop Loaner Program

The SSIS laptop loan guidelines are based on the following general principles about the appropriate use of technology:

  • Computers and the network are part of the school’s physical plant and their use involves the same privileges, obligations, and responsibilities accompanying any school resource.
  • Technological resources are provided primarily for educational purposes.
  • Students using loaned devices are expected to maintain regular backups of personal information and will be given instructions on how to do so by the IT Department.

Laptop loans are managed through the IT checkout system. With parent/guardian permission/approval, students will be able to borrow a laptop for an extended period. 

Unfortunately, accidental damage may require a student to seek repairs for their personal device and render them without a laptop for an extended period. As a service to students, SSIS has established a laptop loaner program through which a student whose laptop is being repaired may borrow a MacBook Pro from the ICT Department (C020). Before availing of this service, families should contact a repair center, submit the device and get an estimate of the time for repair.

Laptop Loan Procedure:

1. Pick up a laptop loan form from the ES Technology Office (B206) or click to download the Student Laptop Loan Form
2. Bring the form home and have it completed by the parents.
3. Return the form, along with a deposit of 4 million VND, to the business office (C130).
4. Bring the receipt provided by the business office to the ICT Office (C020) to pick up the laptop.
5. If available, a laptop and charger will be prepared and signed out to the student.

  • Devices are available on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Upon check-out and check-in, the device will be examined with the student to ensure all parts are operational.

Once the student's personal laptop has been repaired, the school laptop should be returned to the ICT Office, upon which they will be given a receipt to take to the business office. The business office will then refund the 4 million VND deposit, minus a rental fee of 100,00 VND for each day that the laptop was borrowed.

If a student requires a device due to a malfunction with their personal laptop during the school day, they may borrow a laptop from the ICT Office (C020), returning it before 3:00pm. The student can then take home the laptop loan form and start their official loan the next school day.


Available to:

SSIS Students grade 4- grade 12


Pre-installed software:

  • Chrome
  • Microsoft Word for Mac
  • Microsoft Excel for Mac
  • Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac


Student responsibilities

  • Preventing damage to the equipment.
  • Observing best practices related to the physical and network security and protection of the equipment.
  • Protecting the equipment so it is not lost or stolen.
  • Removing and saving personal data from the laptop before it is returned.
  • The laptop will be re-imaged upon its return and any data will be irretrievably wiped. No accommodation can be made for recovering data left behind on the laptop once it has been returned.


Lending periods

Laptops may be loaned for up to 10 school days. Under extenuating circumstances, and with parent communication, the loan period may be renewed/extended.



The parents agrees to assume any and all legal liability for the cost of repair or replacement in the event of loss due to theft, damage, negligence or misuse. Saigon South International School will not assume responsibility for lost files due to viruses, hardware failure and network interruptions. Any file(s) copied or downloaded will be automatically removed and cannot be recovered.


Click to download the Student Laptop Loan Form

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