Responsible Use Policy


Statement of Purpose

Saigon South International School (SSIS) provides students with access to the school network and the Internet, and supports the use of personal devices, in order to deliver an innovative, relevant instructional program, enhance student learning, and improve communication.

A key aspect of the educational program at SSIS is to teach, promote, and reinforce the responsible use of technology.


Terms of Agreement

SSIS regards access to technology as a privilege that carries with it responsibilities on the part of the students, teachers, and parents. All community members are expected to manage technology responsibly, respectfully, and safely in accordance with the school mission, and core values.

As a responsible user, I agree to:

  1. Respect and protect the privacy of self and others.

  • I will keep all my passwords and login information private and will only use my own accounts

  • I will protect my contact information and that of others, such as full name, home address, phone number, or any other personal information.

  • I acknowledge that all contributions to the Internet leave a digital footprint and can be public and permanent.

  • I will report security risks or privacy violations to a teacher, parent or administrator.

  1. Respect and protect the integrity, availability, and security of all technology resources.

  • I will be responsible for the safekeeping and care of all the devices (both mine and school-owned)

  • I will conserve, protect, and appropriately share these resources with other students and network users.

  • I will not tamper with data, networks, or any other resources.

  • I will immediately report any damage or problems with any device I use.

  1. Respect and protect the intellectual property of others.

  • I will respect the intellectual property of the creators’ content.

  • I will respect copyright and cite or attribute appropriately.

  • I will obey copyright laws and not participate in the making or distribution of illegal copies of music, images, games, movies, or written work.

  • I will use legally reusable media at all times.

  1. Respect and protect the principles of community.

  • I will communicate and use technology only in ways that are kind and respectful both in and outside of school.

  • I will notify a  teacher, parent or administrator if I see any information or communication that is threatening or discomforting.

  • I understand that cyberbullying will not be tolerated and the school reserves the right to take action against anyone who posts or sends material, on or off-campus, that adversely affects the safety or well-being of another SSIS community member.

Consequences for Misuse:

In accordance with divisional policy, violations of these agreements may result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to:

  • the loss of a user’s privileges to use the school’s technology resources
  • the confiscation of the device
  • the loss of the ability to bring a personal device to school

Further consequences may be imposed in accordance with school policy.

Note that in extreme circumstances loss of access to the school network would make it impossible to continue education at SSIS.


Supervision and Monitoring:

The use of technology resources at SSIS is not private. The school reserves the right to examine, use and disclose any data found on the school’s information networks in order to further the health, safety, discipline or security of any student or other person or to protect property. They may also use this information in disciplinary actions. The school reserves the right to determine what constitutes responsible use and to limit access to resources.


SSIS will not be held responsible for an individuals property if it is lost, damaged, or stolen.

Adopted December 2015
Updated September 2019