Printer Setup



  1. Check SSIS Network connection, specifically access to software.ssis.edu.vn
  2. Check security & privacy for anywhere is selected, if not go to the Troubleshoot section of this document

Printer Installation

To install the SSIS printers for your MAC please click on the PrinterInstaller.dmg link below:

  • Download Printer Driver(s): Add_printer_SSIS.dmg
  • Open Download folder - double click on Add_Printer_SSIS.dmg 









  • Click Add_printer_SSIS on your desktop 
  • Doulbe click Add_Printer_SSIS icon one more time on the window just openned - Clicl "Cancel"
  • Open System Preferences - Select Security & Privacy - Click on Open Anyway
  • Click "Open"
  • Find the icon Add_Printer_SSIS on the Dock - select it
  • Choose the area that you want to add printer. If you are Student only select "Student", If you are the teacher, select HS for high school, MS for middle school, ES for Elementary, "Teacher" to add entire printer in the school
  • Enter User Name and Password of the computer to allow the proccess
  • Waiting a couple of minutes to download and install printer. Please be patient!

After the install process finish

Go to Settings -> Printer & Scanners you will see Printers at your Building like the Image below

Try to print some Document from Word, Excel or Chrome from one of the printer from the list. So it will pop out a notification for Authentication. You need to provide login information for every printer for the first time.



Click the Reload Arrow Button so system will ask you for your SSIS login.
Check Remember this password in my keychain


Finish! And from now on you can print without provide any login information.

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