Printer Authentication


What does “Hold for Authentication” mean?

Sometimes, when printing from a Mac, the job appears to pause in the print queue window with the message “Hold for Authentication”. This error indicates that the credentials that the Mac is providing are being rejected by the server it’s contacting. 


Click the refresh button to prompts for credentials.

When it prompted enter a username and password.

*Also put a checkmark next to ‘Remember this password in my keychain’


If clicking the "refresh" button does not prompt you for a username and password you will need to clear the stored credentials from the keychain.

To do this type in ‘keychain’ in the Spotlight search in the top right of your screen and open Keychain Access when it is located.

In Keychain do a search for ‘printing’, it should then find the SSIS_FujiXerox’ stored credentials. Right-click on this entry and choose Delete "SSIS_FujiXerox"

Now repeat the steps above. The printer credentials window should appear.