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**Link to PowerSchool Parent Portal**

Welcome to the PowerSchool help guide for students and parents/guardians.

Accessing the PowerSchool information system will enable students and parents to monitor a student’s progress and performance in school.

Each middle school and high school student is provided with a username and password that allows access to their student records. Parent/guardian can log in to the PowerSchool Parent Portal with one account to view their child(s) information.

Logging In

The Login page allows authorized users to access the web pages containing their student’s information. The username and password must be entered exactly as provided to you. Usernames and passwords are unique.

Students and parents/guardians may access the system by going to:


This login page will appear.

  • Select the interface language. (English, Chinese, Korean or Vietnamese)
  • Enter your username in the first field
  • Enter your password in the second field
  • Note: The characters appear as asterisks (*) for security
  • The click Sign In button and the PowerSchool Parent Portal start page will appear

Links to the login screen can also be found on the SSIS website: http://www.ssis.edu.vn/ and on the SSIS Link http://link.ssis.edu

Students: Your username and password are the same as your network username and login that you use to log-in to any school computer.

Parents: Login directions are sent to you via email in August.  If you need additional assistance to access PowerSchool, please send an email to powerschool@ssis.edu.vn or call the ICT Office at 5413-0901 x13172, please state your name and your student’s name. It may be necessary for SSIS to verify your identity if the email that you send your request form does not match the parent/guardian email address on record.


Grades & Attendance


For Middle and High school students this page shows your child’s current classes and current grades from the teachers’ gradebooks. Specific assignments, scores, and comments can be viewed by clicking on a grade. Assignment comments can then be viewed by clicking on any blue assignment grade. Attendance totals are shown for all students.

For more information on Grade & Attendance click here.

Grade History


This page displays the student’s grade history. 

For more information on Grade History click here.

Attendance History


This page displays the current semester attendance of the selected student for all classes. A legend will appear at the bottom of the screen explaining all of the different letter codes used for student attendance.  If you believe that there are any attendance discrepancies, please contact the school’s attendance office directly.

Email Notifications


The Email Notifications page provides you with the ability to manage your parent account email preferences, including what information you would like to receive, how often you would like to receive the information and any additional email addresses that you would like the information sent to. Email preferences may be applied to a single student or all students associated to your parent account.

For more information on Email Notifications click here.

Teacher Comments


This page displays teacher comments

Graduation progress


The graduation progress page will show the required credits for graduation, along with credits already earned by the student. This is a great tool to keep track of progress toward a high school diploma.



This page displays the student’s meal transaction information for the current term.

For more information on Balance click here.

My Schedule


The schedule matrix graphically represents a student’s schedule for all days, periods, and terms in the selected year for the current school.

School Information


The School Information page displays the physical address and contact information for the school. If the PowerSchool administrator has uploaded a school map, the map displays on this page as well.

Demographic Update


The Demographic Update page provides you with the ability to make changes to your demographic data.

For more information on Demographic Update click here.

Student Directory


Family phone numbers and addresses.



For more information on Re-enrollment click here.

Account Preferences

The Account Preferences page provides you with the ability to manage your parent account information.

Report Cards

Display past report cards.

PowerSchool Mobile

Parents and students get insights, assignments, grades, attendance and more from any iOS or Android device, including Apple Watch. ... Users receive real-time notifications with updates about grades and attendance to help boost student engagement and growth through parent support.

For more information on PowerSchool Mobile click here

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