Policies, Procedures, and Handbooks

This online collection of handbooks, policies, and procedures establishes codes and guidelines for members of our school community. No set of publications can cover every possible situation that a student, teacher, parent, or the School may encounter in the course of a year. Many decisions, policies, and situations are left to the good judgment of the faculty and the School administration. In addition, under certain circumstances, it may be appropriate for the School to diverge from these published codes. In matters of established policy, Saigon South International School reserves the absolute right to alter its codes based on its professional and business concerns, but the School will make every effort to inform the entire school community if, and when, it is appropriate to do so.

The School remains free, at its sole discretion, to change or amend these policies, procedures, processes, and expectations at any time, with or without notice. If deemed necessary, the School is also free not to follow these guidelines in any particular case. No member of the School, other than the Head of School, has the authority to bind the School to any of the terms or provisions of this book. 

The publicatoin of these documents is an going process to bring together all school publications involving policies, processes, procedures, and expectations. As such, the material in this area of the school website has precedence over all other publications at the School. Should any contradictions be found between the material here and other School materials, either in print or available through sources such as the web or SSIS Links, these pages are considered the definitive statement. 


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