My ePortfolio

My ePortfolio
The My ePortfolio feature of PSL presents the possibility of creating a repository of digital work to exemplifies a reflection and celebration of student learning. It combines digitized evidence of learning with digital learning products and exists to complement other forms of communication and publication about student learning and achievement.
Digital portfolios have the advantage of convenience. Online artifacts are able to be shared immediately and globally with the possibility of a select audience being able to view, celebrate and better understand the learning of each child and then add their own comments and encouragement.

Reflection and Repository
The process of reflecting on learning has been proven to assist the transformation of learning into meaning. It strengthens the process of memory formation, especially when time is given for meaningful reflection as part of the classroom learning experience and not only as a final task used as at the end of a unit of study.
Any ePortfolio system that is chosen to enable reflection in a digital environment should be intuitive and flexible and not hinder the natural learning and review process.

The process of sharing the learning journey can be two-fold:

  • a system for on-the-fly reflections and capture-the-moment evidence collection, and
  • a repository for a more organized and thoughtful, contextual layout of a selection of existing digital resources.

Communication with Parents
The ePortfolio is a chance for parents to become more aware of the learning path of students. Digitized reflections are one way for students to share their understanding of specific, meaningful learning artifacts. Ideally, all reflections are created as part of the learning process and not as an afterthought.

PowerSchool Learning ePortfolio is set up for all students registered in PSL (may require activation).
PSL serves the purpose of sharing student projects without overwhelming parents with student artifacts or challenging the students with the responsibility of managing “social media” style conversations about their learning.


To Activate and Manage PSL My ePortfolio
Select the My ePortfolio tab - activate the new ePortfolio

The ePortfolio can be set up according to subjects. Content is managed in exactly the same way as teacher content. Students create, embed or link to existing content.

To share the ePortfolio, system settings need to reflect the audience permissions we approve. Student ePortfolios can be automatically shared with teachers and parents. It is possible to allow students to invite anyone (outside the domain) to view the ePortfolio.

Students can use an email link to share with additional teachers, relatives or interested others.


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