1. Adjust Screen Brightness: Increase and decrease the brightness of the screen.
  2. Expose and Dashboard: Activate Expose mode for easy switching of open windows. Activates Dashboard for easy access of information using widgets.
  3. Adjust Backlit Keyboard Brightness: Increases and decreases the brightness of the keyboard backlight.
  4. Media Playback Controls: Skip backward play/pause, or skip forward the currently active media. Hold, skip, backward, and forward to rewind or fast forward.
  5. Volume Controls: Mute, decrease or increase the overall computer volume
  6. Power ON
  7. Power bottom: Hold while pressing the keys along the top of the keyboard to activate the F1-F12 function key capabilities.
  8. Control Key: Hold while pressing another key to activate an alternative behaviour.
  9. Alt/Option Key: Hold while pressing another key to enable more characters.
  10. Command/Apple Key: Used in conjunction with other keys to activate behaviors:
  • Command + C = Copy
  • Command + V = Paste
  • Command + Q = Quit
  • Command + N = New
  • Command + S = Save
  • Command + Z = Undo
  • Command + P = Print
  • Command + Option + ESC = Force Quit Applications
  • Shift + Command + Q = Logout