Hapara - Student Information

Hapara makes it easy for teachers to manage document sharing (via Google Apps) and email communications with students in their classes.  

In your Google Documents you will find a folder for each of your class.  This folder is shared space between you and your classroom teacher.
  • Folders created by Hapara show "School Docs Owner" as the owner of the folder.
  • These folders are shared between you and your teacher for that class.
  • Documents placed in these folders are therefore automatically shared with the teacher.  NO additional sharing steps are necessary!
  • Teachers can "push" documents out to you and they will appear automatically in the your class folder.
  • You MAY move the folders if they wish to organize them in some way.
  • You MAY create sub-folders within these folders.  
  • Folders have names that uniquely identify the class they represent.