Google Tutorials


Lesson 1: Google Drive

  1. What Google Drive is
  2. How to access Google Drive
  3. How to save, create, and download files
  4. How to search and organize files
  5. How to share files

Lesson 2: Google Docs

  1. What a Google Doc is
  2. How to access Google Docs
  3. How to create, share, and edit Google Docs
  4. How to organize Google Docs
  5. How to download and convert Google Docs

Lesson 3: Google Forms

  1. What a Google Form is
  2. How to create and share a Form
  3. How to view Form responses

Lesson 4: Google Slides

  1. What Google Slides is
  2. How to access Google Slides
  3. How to create a presentation in Google Slides
  4. How to add and edit content
  5. How to present and share Google Slides

Lesson 5: Google Sheets

  1. Google Sheets is
  2. How to access Google Sheets

  3. How to create a Google Sheet
  4. How to sort, filter, and edit data
  5. How to create charts and graphs

  6. How to share a Google Sheet

Lesson 6: Google Drawings

  1. What Google Drawings is
  2. How to access Google Drawings
  3. How to add shapes, text, Word art, and images
  4. What types of Google Drawings you can create
  5. How to share and download a Google Drawing

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