Google Takeout


Google Takeout is a tool that allows users export their data to a downloadable zip file.



  1. Access the google takeout site by pointing your browser to https://www.google.com/takeout/
  2. Click "All of your data"
  3. Click "Create Archive"


  4. Once the archive has been created click "Download" to save the file to your computer.


Click here for Google Takeout support


More Info:

Click on your account profile picture and select My Profile

This shows many options for controling the information and content sharing of your account. 
Select Control My Content

Choose which content you want to download. Next.

Content wil be saved as .zip folders ready for download. If you have a lot of documents then the download will be split into several .zip files (each can be around 2GB)

Content will be downloaded into a folder structure that replicates your Google Drive. Documents will be converted into generic versions of the Google Doc (e.g. Google Docs will become MS Word compatible). Documents can be easily uploaded to another Google Drive account.



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