Google Meet: Link

Nicknamed Google Meets now expire when the last meeting participant leaves the meeting.

If you create a meeting with a nickname, only people in our domain (ssis.edu.vn) can join using that nickname - BUT - the nicknamed meeting cannot be re-joined once the last person leaves. It expires.

However, if you don't add a nickname to the meeting, students can rejoin over and over again, at any time, even if you are not present.


What does that mean?

Nicknames can be added to the Meet when you create it. If you have just copied the link to the Meet then you do not have a nickname.


Go to https://meet.google.com/ and click on +Join or start a meeting


If you add a nickname then the Meet will expire when the last person leaves.

If you just click Continue then your Meet won't expire.


Copy the address of the Meet and use it as a hyperlink in an email or on PSL.