Fuji Xerox printing tips and tricks on Mac

How to print Black and White only

From the print Box (Ctrl + P) make sure your printer is SSIS_FujiXerox. On the Third Row -> click and select Image Options


Output Color is: Black and White


How to make a Print preset 

so you don't have to redo your configuration. Click on Presets -> Save Current Setting as Preset

So next time if you need to print in Black and White, just click on Presets and select FujiXerox Black and White


How to print on Bypass tray

In case you need to print something on color paper of your choice. On the third line of print box click and choose Paper Feed


Select Tray 5 (Bypass)


And yes you can make this configuration become a Print Preset. So you don't have to redo yourself next time.