Departing Students

Your SSIS Gmail, Drive, and Google account will be disabled on September 1 or 90 days after you have left SSIS.
Be sure the processes below are done BEFORE September 1 or 90 days after you have left SSIS. It's HIGHLY recommended to do it by June 1, however, so that you can see your divisional Instructional Coach for Technology if there are any problems. Sending a panicked email during the summer is not a good thing to do and will probably not be responded to right away.
Don't hesitate to contact the ICT department if you have any questions.


  • If you don't have a lot of emails you need to keep, just forward the messages you need to your personal email address.
  • Set a "Vacation Responder" that will automatically reply to people, letting them know you have left the school and the email address where they can contact you.
    • In your Gmail. click the cogwheel under your profile picture and choose "Settings"
    • Under the "General" tab, scroll down to the bottom to "Vacation Responder." Set the first day (June 1, of the current year) and the last day (September 1, of the current year). Fill in a Subject, and a brief message. The message might say: 
      I will no longer be using this email address since I have graduated/left SSIS. Please contact me at add your email address. Thank you. 
  • If you want to transfer all email OR automatically push all email from SSIS Gmail to your personal account from this point forward, follow the instructions on this document.


Google Drive


Make copies of Google Drive content shared with you (i.e. that you don't own) that you want to keep.

Delete documents and folders you do not need to keep.

Be sure to transfer ownership of any documents that remaining SSIS underclass-people or teachers will need. This is especially important for STUCO, clubs, ASAs, or service entities where there are student leadership changes and previous years' content will be needed.

    • Click the blue "Share" button in the top right of the Doc/Slide/Sheet, and then click "Advanced."
    • Click the pencil edit button next to the person to whom you want to transfer ownership, and then set them as owner.
    • Click "Done"

For a large transfer of Google Drive content, follow the instructions here or in this document.

If you only have a small amount of Google Drive content you need to keep, it will probably be quicker to share the content with your personal Gmail account through the blue share button share process. You can't transfer ownership to a non-SSIS Google account, however. You will need to make a copy of that content once it's in your personal account so that the personal account owns a copy. If you don't do this copy process, the content will disappear once your SSIS account is disabled.

    • Once the Doc/Slide/Shee is in your personal Google account, click "File" and then choose "Make a copy."

If you will be going to a non-Google environment or if you just want a backup of your content in an MS Office format, you will need to download the content you need to be in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF format. Note that if you choose PDF, you won't be able to edit the document anymore.

    • In Doc/Slide/Sheet you want to keep, click "File" and then choose "Download as."
    • Choose the file type you want to keep it as.
Lastly, if you activated your SSIS Office 365 account, you will lose access to that upon your departure, as well. Be sure to download any needed work stored in the Office 365 cloud.