Course Profile



  1. Navigation Panel — The navigation panel on the left side of your course pages allows you to access the different areas of your course, such as your Materials, Gradebook and Attendance. This column also contains your Course Options menu where you can find Course Admin tools, such as View Course As, the Recycle Bin, and your course Privacy Settings.
  2. Center Column — This column shows the page you are viewing based on the left-side navigation. You can set the default landing page for your course to either Materials (as in the screenshot above), or Updates. 
  3. Reminders & Upcoming — Similarly to the Reminders & Upcoming column on your Home page, this area displays grade and submission activity, along with all your assignments, due dates, and calendar events in chronological order. However, unlike the Home Page view, the Reminders & Upcoming area in a course only displays events and due dates for that particular course.