Class Registration

From the login page (https://ps.ssis.edu.vn/public), enter the Username and Password associated with your PowerSchool account.

After entering your Username and Password, you will be directed to the Home Screen (example
is shown below). From this screen, select the Class Registration link on the left-hand side.


The Class Registration page provides information for each Course Category. Within each Course
Category students are required to make a course request.

Students will need to click on each icon to view the options and make a decision on which
course the student would like to request


Students can only request a course if they have met the prerequisite. Select the course and click "Okay" to continue. 


When all requests have been met (7 total credits) click ‘Submit’ to save and request the courses you have selected.

Please note: If you do not select enough credits, the system will not allow you to “Submit” the request.