Chrome User Account

Chrome Installation

1.  If you don't have Chrome installed on your laptop, open Safari and click this link to download and install Chrome on your Macbook:



2.  Click on Download Chrome for Mac.


3.  Finish Installing Chrome by following the instructions on the screen.


4.  Open the file called "googlechrome.dmg" in your downloads folder.


5.  Drag the Chrome icon to the Application folder.


6.  You have successfully downloaded and installed Chrome.


Launching Chrome for First Time

There will be a few settings to configure when launching chrome for the first time.

1. Launch Chrome by selecting the "Finder" icon at the bottom of the screen


2.  in the "Finder" window, seelct "Applications" from the window pane on the right, and double click on the Chrome icon.


3. Click "Open" in the dialoge box.


4.  Set Google Chrome as your default browser and click "Start Google Chrome".


5.  Confirm default browser by clicking "Use Chrome".


You have successfully open Chrome for the first time and configured Chrome as your default browser.


Chrome User Account Setup

View the Chrome User Account Video


1. Sign in to Chrome

Open Chrome and, if prompted, Sign in to Chrome


If not prompted, Select People > Add Person and then sign in to Chrome


Click "Sign in"


Enter your SSIS Email addresss


Enter your SSIS Password


When prompted, select to LINK your Chrome data. This will syncronize your user preferences when you open Chrome on other devices.


Turn on Sync


2. Change your Chrome USER NAME (top right corner) to show it is your school account.

Select the three dots, then choose Settings.


Click on "Chrome name and picture":


Add an identifier - change the NAME (include something like SCHOOL or SSIS) and change the picture.


Now you can easily tell if you are in your school account.



Repeat the process for your HOME account.

It is critical that you have a different Chrome account for school and for home. Do not open home email in your school account.

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