Viewing Athletics information is now easier than ever.

From the first Athletics season of the 2019-2020 school year, we have incorporated all athletics information on the new Athletics page (athletics.ssis.edu.vn) on the SSIS website

So, what is on the Athletics page?

  • Contact information to student's coaches
  • Team practice times
  • Schedules and locations for upcoming games

Accessing Team Information

The easiest way to access the Athletics page is to use the URL athletics.ssis.edu.vn.

So that you also know where to find it from the homepage menu, and so that you understand how to navigate inside the page, you can view a detailed description below. 


Step-by-step screenshot guide:


The Athletics page is found under "Student Life" in the main menu.


Below the header on the Athletics page, you will find teams sorted by division.



Under the selected division page teams are listed by season.


The team page displays all the upcoming games and the dates of the games.


The pop up displays detailed information about the game.


We hope that the new Athletics page will be helpful to our community, as we work toward simplifying the way we communicate with our parent population.