Apple iTunes Deauthorization

Apple uses an authorization process to ensure a limited number (5) computers can access your purchased and uploaded iTunes content. 

When you received your SSIS laptop, you may have authorized it within iTunes so that you can access your content.

If you will be getting a new SSIS laptop or you will be leaving SSIS, it is important that you deauthorize the computer in iTunes before turning it in. You must manually deauthorize the computer. Logging out of your account or resetting the computer does not deauthorize it.

This deauthorization process is important because of the limited number of authorizations Apple gives you (5). You don't want to lose an authorization unnecessarily. It can cause problems in the future if all 5 authorizations have been used.

Follow these instructions to deauthorize your computer.

Open iTunes

  1. Click "Account" in the top menu row;
  2. Choose "Authorizations;"
  3. Click "Deauthorize" this computer.  

Next, enter your Apple ID and password, and then click the "Deauthorize" button.