After School Activities

Welcome to the SSIS After School Activities

 This is the place to find all information regarding After School Activities (ASA) and sports programs for SSIS students from Grade 1 to 12. 

At SSIS we have attempted to build a foundation on which our programs can run successfully year after year. That foundation involves providing competent leadership and coaching, a good balance between practices and games, and keeping as many students as possible involved in our Athletics and After School Activities. It is our job to encourage involvement in as wide a variety of activities as possible to enable students to have the balanced school experience. We provide a spot for all who want to participate as long as they are committed to the groups they decide to join. 
If you have any questions about the program please contact any of the following people

  • Athletic and Activities Director
    Ms. Elizabeth Davenport (edavenport@ssis.edu.vn)
  • Athletics Assistant
    Ms. Phuong Anh Nguyen (annguyen@ssis.edu.vn)
  • Activities Assistant
    Ms. Sang Lam (slam@ssis.edu.vn)

Beyond athletics, SSIS offers a wide variety of after school activities (ASAs) for all of our students. There are three 9 week sessions of ASAs throughout the year, which run from 3:10 to 4:00.

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After School Activities Signup - Elementary    

After School Activities Signup - Middle School

After School Activities Signup - High School