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MS ASA Programs

In Middle School, students take the lead in registering themselves for After School Activities and Sports Teams. Of course, parent participation in all decisions is always encouraged and supported by SSIS, but it is MS students who have the responsibility to “sign up”.

Season 2: November 25 to February 28, 2020

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  Group/Activity Day/ Time Teacher Location FEE Description
1 Mathletes (Monday AM) Monday 7- 7:50am HINCHLIFFE, Geneva A313 FREE Start the week right with an activity that will complement your math studies. There is no limit to what you can do. If you like having fun with math, including games and puzzles and puns, then add this activity to your school equation
2 Book Wizards - Monday Monday 3-4pm ELAM, Claire A200 FREE Come to the library to read, discuss and even make books with the first-ever Book Wizards club. 
3 Wrestling - Monday Monday 3-4pm FREIL, Rick A215 FREE Improve balance and fitness while exploring folkstyle wrestling and combative games
4 Tinkertime - Monday Monday 3-4pm Bertoia, Gary A209 FREE Are you interested in using some of the new tools in the Design Lab. Working with 3D printers, the lasercutter, the Cricut Cutting machine or maybe creating a cardboard micro controlled bot. Then this session is for you. This class will be geared to grade 6’s who are interested in tinkering!
5 Open Gym Basketball - Tuesday Morning Tuesday 7-7:40 am Friel, Rick MS Gym FREE Come one come all!! Drop in Basketball for anyone interested.
6 Lego Robotics - Thursday (lunch) Tuesday Lunch RYNNE, David A 308 FREE The club members will start learning to build robots for fun and will also have the opportunity to be more serious and compete against other teams and schools!
7 Art Club - Tuesday Tuesday 3-4pm JARDIN, Rebecca A300 FREE Art club this year will be a combination of following your passions by creating your own projects, and collaborative art. For the passion projects, you can choose from: digital art, painting, drawing, Anime, clay, plaster, paper mache, printmaking, mandalas, paint pouring, origami, weaving, photography, spray art, or fashion design. Your enjoyment of this club will be based on your own personal choices and commitment to attend each session. 
8 Chess Club - Tuesday Tuesday 3-4pm DUBOIS, Lili A312 FREE Come learn to play chess or if you already know how to play the game, spend the time playing against your friends.
9 GIN (Global Issues Network) Club - Tuesday Tuesday 3-4pm JOHNSON, Erin A207 FREE Do you want to change the world? Are you passionate about problems our world faces? Do you care about education, the environment, animals, pollution, trafficking, recycling, orphans, or other global issues? Are you tired of just talking and want to DO something about it? Join GIN to learn more, meet others who share your passion, and take action!
10 Spirit Club - Wednesday Lunch Wednesday - Lunch WOLF, Emily A307 FREE The middle school SPIRIT CLUB aims to increase Dragon spirit by planning pep assemblies to celebrate our accomplishments, organizing dress up days & hosting fun events for students. This club is a great leadership opportunity for people who want to work on an amazing team to make our school even better!
11 Lego Robotics - Thursday (lunch) Thursday Lunch RYNNE, David A 308 FREE The club members will start learning to build robots for fun and will also have the opportunity to be more serious and compete against other teams and schools!
12 Study Zone - Thursday Thursday 3-4pm LU, Erin A 401 FREE At the top of the 4th floor in the middle school building, our Study Zone offers a quiet space with green view and peaceful instrumental music within. In your busy MS life, here’s a place and opportunity where you can quietly read your book, do your project or find ideas for your coming tasks at hand.
13 Frisbee Golf - Thursday Thursday 3-4pm FREIL, Rick MS Field FREE Frisbee Golf - Thursday (Develop and improve frisbee accuracy and control skills in preparation for a Frisbee Golf Tournament. 
14 Sci Fi - Thursday Thursday 3-4pm BEALS, Natalie A203 FREE Sci-Fi/Fantasy Gaming and Fun - Do you love the worlds of superheroes, time travel, dragons, elves, and all the other glorious elements of science fiction or fantasy? Do you like to play video games or tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons? Or are you simply looking for a place where you can watch your anime shows or read your favorite novel? Then you are whole-heartedly invited to join the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Gaming and Fun ASA, where we talk nerdy and play cleverly, all within the genres you love!
15 Volleyball - Friday Friday 3-4pm Sylvester, M HS Gym FREE Come play VB on Friday after school and get a chance to learn new VB skills and drils from our own SSIS HS VB players.  Reminder that SSIS does not provide ASA transportation on Fridays.Fridays.
16 K- Pop Dance - Friday Friday 3-4pm Hieu Nguyen MS Dance 1,980,000/ 9 sessions You will learn how to dance like your favourite K-Pop Star. Training and performing as a dance group. Using Kpop Hit Song. Come and have fun! Reminder that SSIS does not provide ASA transportation on Fridays.
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