ASA Create New Session


1. Login to ASA system using the staff account:

URL: http://asa.ssis.edu.vn

2. Click the plus button in the “Current ASA Session” section (right below the dragon logo) to add a new ASA section:

3. In the Add New Session page, fill in all the information for the new session:

  • Year: the current school year
  • Semester: the current semester
  • Possible Request Slots: the number of priorities parents can select activities for their children
  • Message: the ASA session description
  • Notification email template: the email using to notify parent about the new ASA session
  • Request email template: the email using in Request Phase to confirm parents about their ASA request
  • Confirmation email template: the email using in and after Live Phase to confirm parents about their ASA confirmed choices
  • Instructor email template: the email using after Live Phase ends to confirm ASA teachers about the students signs up for their activities.

Notes: You can select the email templates from previous year and modify them later with the new information. Then click “Save”:


4. In the next page, you will define the duration of the new ASA session, including:

  • When will this ASA session happen? : open the ASA session for working (staff, it’s the current date and time by default)
  • How many days can parents see the signs-up? : how many days this ASA session opens
  • How many days will the Request Phase happen?: the Request Phase’s duration
  • How many days the Live Phase happen? : the Live Phase’s duration

Click “Create

5.  Click “Phases” in the Current ASA Session section to edit the exact date/time of the new ASA session:

Set the exact date and time of the phases:

  • View: this shoud be as long as you want (30 days) for you to see and edit the session. This is the total duration of the event.
  • Request: start and end date/time of the Request Phase
  • Gap: start and end date/time (right after the Request Phase) for the computer to assign activities to parents
  • Live: start and end date/time of the Live Phase (first come first served)

Click “Save” to finish setting up the new ASA session.

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