2-Step Verification 2FA

If you have not done so already it is now time to turn on Two-factor Authentication (2FA) on your accounts.

So much of what we do today is in the digital space and hackers are lurking around every corner ready to steal our identities, drain our bank accounts, and lock us out of our accounts.

Turning on 2FA not only makes your accounts more difficult to attack, but it also makes your accounts less attractive targets.

It is simple to do and only takes a few minutes to set up.

To set up 2FA on your Google account
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How does two-factor authentication work?
Two-factor authentication works by adding an extra layer of security to your account — an additional login step — to prevent someone from logging in even if they have access to your password.

When you sign into any of your online accounts, the basic level of authentication requires only your password to log in — that’s one step to verify your identity. 2FA adds a second piece of info (or a second layer) that you need to provide before you can get access to your account.

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What Is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)