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The livecamera is the live stream directly from the ipadcaster onto YouTube.  We then use Open Broadcast System (OBS) to overlay other content on top of the livecamera playback then finally stream the final result back to the livestream YouTube go live channel.

To use the YouTube embed within OBS, we use the OBS browser so if you are using Linux, you need to install the plugin separately.  OBS Browser is included in the full install on the MAC and Windows.

RECOMMENDATION: We should purchase a camera dedicated to OBS and feed it with a wire.  Embedding a Youtube video then live stream back out to Youtube causes significant lag and quality degradation.

On YouTube Account

Login YouTube with respective livestream account

Click on the Live Video icon then Go Live

Scroll down to the bottom to the Encoder Setup for the server url and name/key to be used on the iPads.

On the iPad

ATTENTION: WIFI connection to the dedicated Live Stream SSID

Click on the YouTube Live Now icon assuming that the Podcast has the app already installed.

  • Click on the cog to enter into the setup
  • Enter the server url and name/key from the livestream account on YouTube.
  • Click on the X to close out of the settings

Click on the record button to start the live streaming and click on it again to stop the session.

On the Client Browser

To verify, go to https://live.ssis.edu.vn/live-feeds/ or https://mrisa.ssis.edu.vn/live-streams/, respectively.

Setting to the live stream (with score overlay): 

  • https://www.youtube.com/embed/live_stream?channel=UCsW3vRK1EW_4OwXWivsW8bA&autoplay=1
  • Note that the autoplay will not work in Google Chrome

Setting to live camera (without score overlay): 

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr4L4MZZRumv_sZ3r73uDng/live

Notice the difference.  It’s because one will automatically play and one has to be manually clicked.  The auto play is to be embedded into the OBS Browser

Open Broadcast System

Install OBS on the MAC is preferred since it has the full package which includes the Browser plugin which is needed to embed the YouTube video or from any url. https://obsproject.com/download

Open OBS

  • Click on setting > Channel then enter the server key, exit and save
  • Add image, text, and
  • Browser content:
  • Click on “Studio Mode” > “Transition” >  “Start Streaming”

Rename Video on Youtube

Login to Youtube (https://www.youtube.com) with respective credential

Click on the account avatar

Select YouTube Studio (beta)

  • Select Videos
  • Select tab Live
  • Click on the three dots > Edit title and description
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