Wordpress Categories

Wordpress Categories

Categories on our blogging system are used to organize your blog.

Mother Blog Categories

When you select any of the categories above on your personal blog the post will also show up on our main blog. As seen below

Main Blog Layout

Eportfolio Categories

So that your posts are added to our Eportfolio Blogs. You need to create specific categories. This year our categories are created by using the subject and the grade level so for our grade Eight classes we have the following categories Portfolio 8, Science 8, Social studies 8, Language Arts 8, Electives 8, Math 8, My Pick 8, World Language 8, ADV8 followed by the name of your advisory teacher ( ADV8 Graziano or ADV8 Richert) and finally your first name. In grade 7 it is exactly the same except you would add 7. The easiest way to create these categories would be to copy from this list and follow the next few steps.

Go to the Category Page

Log in to your blog and click on post then click on category.

Create Category

Under Category Name add the category you would like to add to your blog, for example Math 8. Under category Parent add Portfolio 8. When you are done click on Add Category.

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