Vietnamese Driver License

 Process to complete an applications for Vietnamese Drivers Licence.

1. If you have a Foreign Driving Licence (FDL),  (not international Driving License -- not accepted by the authorities in Vietnam), the following applies to you :

a. Documents required:

  • Passport
  • Visa or Residence card 
  • Foreign (country) driving license, again, not international driving license
  • 4 color ID photos (3cm x4cm)
  • 80 USD for service fee

b. Note

  • With effect from 2013, when foreigner convert from FDL to VDL, the validity of your VDL will follow the expiry date of :
  • a) your visa / residence card or
  • b) your FDL expiry date; whichever expire earlier.

Visa/Residence card expire in  6 month, FDL expire in 4 months  => VDL issued to you will only be 4 months.

  • c) If your FDL state car only, your VDL will allow you to only drive car.
  • d) If you wish to convert your FDL (Car) to VDL (Motor cycles), you need to sit for practical exam, the process is 3-4 weeks, no written exam.

2. If you do not have a Foreign Driving Licence (FDL) for cars or motorbikes, you will need to sit for written and driving lessons and test.
The test is in Vietnamese.

Price list:
Foreign Car Driving Licence to Vietnam Car Driving Licence $80
Foreign Car Driving Licence to Vietnam Car and Motorcycles Driving Licence $145

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