Teacher Expectations - MS/HS


The following PSLearning expectations have been established to promote

  • a consistent layout, providing students clear expectations of what’s available and where to locate similar information across all their PSLearning courses.
  • student success by providing timely information to student 

Middle School/High School

  1. Class landing page
    • Includes Syllabus/Course outline (including grading guidelines and attendance expectations) as text content block not a Google Link
    • Announcement block - upper right corner of page
  2. Assignments and Assessments
    • Assignment/Assessment details will be posted at least 10 days before the due date
    • All assignments are entered in PowerSchool Learning so they are automatically displayed on the calendar
    • Enter the estimated amount of time the assignment will take to complete in the assignment description box.
    • Written work is submitted through the LTI Turnitin integration to promote academic honesty
    • Assignment naming convention:
      • A - Assignment
      • H - Homework
      • P- Project
      • Q - Quiz
      • T - Test
    • Abbreviation followed by space then a dash
      Examples:   P - Cell Model Project, T - Lab Skills Unit Test

  3. Class activation
    • Master classes will be created by teachers
    • All required classes will be activated by the teacher before the start of the semester


Additional Middle School PowerSchool Learning Expectations

  • Howmework with date/grade should be posted through PSL Assignments block (adds to calendar)
  • Homework reminders should be sent through PSL Announcements block
    • Reference the appropriate Homework assignment
Layout of PSL
  • Choice of unit or weekly (depends on course and teaching style)
  • Most recent Topic/Week on top (newest to oldest - change the landing page)
  • Past material must continue to be accessible (units cannot disappear)
  • All classes must include Course Overview page which includes:
    • Course syllabus and YAAG (length of units and topics) including guiding questions per unit
    • Assignments block (include all assignmens in this block)
    • Announcements block
    • Teacher contact information
    • Grading and assessment overview
    • Additional course specific information
  • MS Landing page - initially the landing page will be the Course Overview page so that students and parents can easily find information about the course in which they are enrolled. This is extremely useful at the beginning of the year. After Curriculum night it is appropriate for the landing page to change to the current unit of learning. Teachers may change the order of their PSL class pages so that the current unit is at the top of the menu - therefore making it the landing page. The Course Overview page should remain active at the bottom of the page menu.
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