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The following PSLearning expectations have been established to promote

  • a consistent layout, providing students clear expectations of what’s available and where to locate similar information across all their PSLearning courses.
  • student success by providing timely information to student 



The Landing Page should include the following items:

1. Clearly labeled landing page named “Grade 4/5 Overview”

2. Each Super Unit should be clearly identified in the menu as follows:

  • Unit 1: Understanding Ourselves

  • Unit 2: Understanding Others

  • Unit 3: Understanding our Environment

  • Unit 4: Understanding our World

3. Grade 4/5 SuperUnits Overview. This should include curriculum overview as well as grading guidelines.

4. Announcements block.

5. Assignments block.


Middle School/High School

  1. Class landing page
    • Includes Syllabus/Course outline (including grading guidelines and attendance expectations) as text content block not a Google Link
    • Announcement block - upper right corner of page
  2. Assignments and Assessments
    • Assignment/Assessment details will be posted at least 10 days before the due date
    • All assignments are entered in PowerSchool Learning so they are automatically displayed on the calendar
    • Enter the estimated amount of time the assignment will take to complete in the assignment description box.
    • Written work is submitted through the LTI Turnitin integration to promote academic honesty
    • Assignment naming convention:
      • A - Assignment
      • H - Homework
      • P- Project
      • Q - Quiz
      • T - Test
    • Abbreviation followed by space then a dash
      Examples:   P - Cell Model Project, T - Lab Skills Unit Test

  3. Class activation
    • Master classes will be created by teachers
    • All required classes will be activated by the teacher before the start of the semester


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