Spam Messages on Your Cellphone


This message is for anyone who is using the Mobifone service. If you are receiving annoying and frequent text messages in Vietnamese you can STOP IT. 
Here is what you do:
  1. send this message HUY (must be in capitals) to this number 9220
  2. a few minutes or so after sending you will receive a message back telling you that you have been taken off the list. It will all be in Vietnamese so you can ask a native speaker to check it to make sure.
  3. If, for some crazy reason, you want to set up the annoying messages again you would have to send the message DK (again in capitals) to 9220.


Useful note: If you have an issue/question/concern with Mobifone you can ring 9393 from your cell phone to access their English speaking customer service.


Mobifone has a "service" that sends you "Liveinfo" messages on your phone. It's not normal SMS messages, just text that pops up on your screen. It's annoying, and it kills battery life, making the screen turn on all the time.

Here are some instructions to turn this "service" off.

Found here:


Here is how to disable them:

For NOKIA users

Menu > SuperSim > LiveInfo > Bat/Tat D.vu

Here choose:
Bat (=Turn on)
Tat (= Turn off)  <- Choose this one!
Livego (= Livego)

Youtube Tutorial: https://youtu.be/Sg4vERfRhEM?t=53s


For iPhone users

Settings > Phone > SIM Applications > LiveInfo >Kich hoat> Bat/Tat dich vu

Here choose:
Bat (=Turn on)
Tat (= Turn off)  <- Choose this one!
Livego (= Livego)



Vinaphone seems to do something similar. Here is some info:

"I just got an SMS from VINAPHONE saying:

(DV)Vinaphone welcome to the foreign customer help line 9192-International Call Centre which supports English, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese. To reject advertisement, pls compose SMS with keywords "TC DV" and send to 18001091. Thank you

So I sent my SMS saying TC DV to 18001091 and got back an SMS saying:

Quy khach da dang ky tu choi nhan thong bao tu VinaPhone ve dich vu moi. Khi co nhu cau nhan tin, xin gui tin DK DV hoac DK ve so 18001091

Which Google translated as: 

You have registered to refuse to receive messages from VinaPhone new service. When that wish to message, please send a ticket from DK DV or 18001091

So, fingers crossed I have finally managed to stop all the spam SMS messages that VinaPhone kept on sending me."

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