Scroll of Death

In a Topic Based Course it is easy to manage your course content so that it does not scroll down and down and down (Scroll of Death).

Navigation Block

Moodle creates a navigation menu based on your topics. Clicking on the link takes you to your topic. Moodle automatically use the Topic Heading to create the menu as you can see with Topic 8.

Add Your Own Topic Headings 1

Click on the wrench to edit the topic.

Add Your Own Topic Heading 2


Deselect Use default section name (1) then add a new section name (2).

Navigation System Is Updated


This is automatically updated in the Navigation Block.

One More Thought

If you like hiding courses from students and do not want the students to see the course not available block.

Make Sections Invisible To Students


Go to Settings then Edit settings and select Hidden sections are completely invisible.

Hidden Sections


Hidden sections are not visible in the Navigation System in a student view. As you can see above after I made Topic 8 and Statistics invisible. They are visible and a light grey color in the teacher view.

Section Links Block


Moodle also provides a Section Links block. Adding this to your sidebar provides quick links to all of your topics plus the current topic. This will also only show visible courses.

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