Printing Quotas

In order to better monitor printing and reduce waste we have implementing a printing quota system.
Students are given a printing allowance and deducted for each print job accordingly.  

Please print only what is needed and reduce waste.

Printing Costs

A4 Single Side Printing
$0.10 Color Prints
$0.05 Black and White

A4 Duplex Printing
$0.08 Color Prints (Each side)
$0.04 Black and White (Each side)

A3 Single Side Printing
$0.20 Color Prints
$0.10 Black and White

A3 Duplex Printing
$0.16 Color Prints (Each side)
$0.08 Black and White (Each side)

Printers are located in each library (ES, MS and HS).  You can print to these printer from any computer on campus, but in order to receive the print job you must release the print job from the printer.  You must login to the printer (or in the ES the release station located next to the printer) to start the printing process. If the print job is not released within 3 hour it will be automatically deleted.


Check your print quota balance here

You will need to supply your username and password to view your information.

Print credit
At the start of each school year students are granted $15.00 of printer credit. Printer credits do not carry over from year to year.  If you exhaust your printing quota additional printer credits can be purchased from Ms. Vy in the business office (C128).
The Business office hours are from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday to Friday.

Printing credits are sold in $5, $10, $15 increments.

Printer Credit Purchase Price
$5.00 VND 105,000
$10.00 VND 210,000
$15.00 VND 315,000

NOTE: Printing credits are NON-refundable.

Printer credits will be available in your account 24 hours after purchase.

For faster service please bring your reciept to the ICT Office in C400 or A317.

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