PowerSchool upgrade checklist

Guardian and Student Pages 

Subject Notes
Guardian and Student login page: /public/home.html
  • Copy the custom page from the custom_pages_sep15.zip attached file.
  • Check to make sure everything on the login page look right.
The navigation menu: /wildcards/guardian_header.txt
  • The navigation menu should contain these items:
    • My Schedule
    • Grades and Attendance
    • Grade History
    • Attendance History
    • Email Notification
    • Teacher Comments
    • Graduation Progress
    • Balance
    • Change Password
    • Demographic Update
    • Student Directory
    • Student Photograph
    • Report Card (only for grades 6->12)
    • IB Scores
  • Check to make sure there is no “String key was not found...” like this on the menu or page’s title
All the navigation icons

All the icons should show up properly.

Lunch balance page: /guardian/lunchbal.html
  • Balance numbers have no “.00” suffixes.
  • Balance column shows the correct number.pspar3.png
Student directory page: /guardian/student_directory.html
  • The teacher list is showing the correct teacher’s names
  • Showing the right students info when select teachers.
Report card dropdown and page: /guardian/reportcard.html
  • The dropdown list showing the proper terms
  • Showing the correct report card of the selected student when select a term.
IB Scores Page: https://ps.ssis.edu.vn/guardian/ib_scores.html
  • Showing the correct ib scores of selected student.
Mobile apps and district code section Showing up correctly:

Admin Pages

Admin login page: /admin/pw.html

The login page should show the SSIS logo


Admin’s home page: /admin/home.html
  • Make sure the search bar working correctly
  • Address verify tab will show up when a parent update her info


Student’s Demo change admin page: /admin/students/parent_demo_admin.html pspar5.png
Student’s Modify info page: /admin/students/modifydata.html

Showing up all the custom fields:


Student’s Parents page: /admin/students/parentsguardian.html

Showing up all the custom fields of parents:


Teacher Pages

Class attendance page: /teachers/classattendance.html Make sure the student’s nickname is shown up properly.


All the custom pages are stored in the SSIS Repository at http://repo.ssis.edu.vn/trnguyen/ps-custom-pages

  • Clone the project using this account:

Username: powerschool

Password: Technology2015


2. Servers:


Remember to restart PS server after upgrading.


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