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  • Announcement: An electronic notification from the class teacher.
  • Assignments: Graded work to be complete by the student. An assignment entry is entered into PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook.
  • Assessments: Call them exams, tests, or quizzes, but the functionality is the same. In PowerSchool Learning you can create an assessment that includes multiple choice, true-false, short answer, essay, and matching questions. If the question is objective and you provide the right answer, PowerSchool Learning will do the grading. Set a time limit, allow trial runs, and even provide hints and kudos.
  • Discussions: Pose a question, require response. You say who can join the conversation: an individual student (for private one-on-ones between teacher and student), a group (to stimulate conversation between a subset of your roster), or the entire class (for a shared experience).
  • Polls: If you want an opinion, you can always ask. Show responses. Hide responses. It’s up to you.
  • WikiProjects: Project work can be exciting, especially when you have the web as your resource. With WikiProjects, students can create websites on an individual basis or collaboratively as a group or as an entire class. 
  • LTI & SCORM: Engage your students by bringing in outside educational apps into your class via LTI and SCORM Activities. If you use other software to create activities for students and that software can export the activity in SCORM format, then you can bring that activity into PowerSchool Learning without having to recreate anything from scratch.

PowerSchool Learning Expectations

  1. Class landing page
    • Includes Syllabus/Course outline (including grading guidelines and attendance expectations) as text content block not a Google Link
    • Announcement block - upper right corner of page
  2. Assignments and Assessments
    • Assignment/Assessment details will be posted at least 10 days before the due date
    • All assignments are entered in PowerSchool Learning so they are automatically displayed on the calendar
    • Enter the estimated amount of time the assignment will take to complete in the assignment description box.
    • Written work is submitted through the LTI Turnitin integration to promote academic honesty
    • Assignment naming convention:
      • A - Assignment
      • H - Homework
      • P- Project
      • Q - Quiz
      • T - Test
    • Abbreviation followed by space then a dash
      Examples:   P - Cell Model Project, T - Lab Skills Unit Test

  3. Class activation
    • Master classes will be created by teachers
    • All required classes will be activated by the teacher before the start of the semester


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