NoRedInk subscriptions should be handled carefully.

Initially, students should login using a class code invite rather than you adding them to your class first - this will help us manage multiple classes.
Please get the students to use their SSIS Google ID.


Overview - Steps for teacher to follow:

  • Go to NoRedInk
  • Select SignUp
  • Select SignUp as a Teacher
  • Click SignUp with Google
  • Create the class
  • Find and record the invite code
  • Share invite code with students



If a student is enrolled in two classes (two different teachers) does that count as two subscriptions or is it one subscription (one student)?
If the student is using the same student account for both classes, then it only counts as one license. Students can be enrolled in multiple classes at the same time. Check out this article that shows how students can add more than one class

If a student leaves during the year are we able to recover the subscription and use with a newly enrolled student?
Yes! All the teacher has to do is remove the student from his/her class. Check out this article that shows how to remove students from a class.

How should students enroll in a class? Invitation code or Sign Up?
If students join a class with an invitation code, they will be asked if they want to "Sign up with Google." If students have already created their accounts without clicking "Sign up with Google," all they have to do is log in, click their name in the right-hand corner, click "Settings," and then click "Link with Google."

How do students enroll in a second class?
Students log in to their existing account and go to go to My Classes and add the new class code shared from their teacher.



Overview - Steps for students to follow:

  • Go to NoRedInk
  • Select Sign Up as Student
  • Enter Class Code (from teacher)
  • Click Sign up with Google


Step by step for students:

Go to NoRedInk website

Select SignUp

Select I'm a student


Enter class code from the teacher


Make sure it is the correct class and then click Sign Up with Google 

You are now enrolled in your class in NoRedInk.

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