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This content is heavily based on http://moodle.aub.edu.lb/mod/book/view.php?id=73727&chapterid=255
with changes to make it appropriate for our Moodle installation.

Using Moodle, you can share material with your students. You may have existing content that you want to add to your course, such as web pages, audio files, video files, Word, PPT, PDF, or Flash animations. Any type of file that exists can be uploaded into your course and stored in the course storage area. While your files are in your course storage area you can move, rename, edit or delete them.

The following sections will show you how to Upload Files, Create Links to those Files and Create Directories.

Files storage area

Before you can share the material with your students, you need to upload these files from your personal computer to the storage area specific to the course. Once the files are available there, you can create links to these files on the course homepage so that they can be accessed by the students.

The first step is to click on the Files link under the Administration block, to access the course storage area.

NOTE: Files is only available to the course instructors - it is not accessible by the students.Moodle 02.png

As you can see in the screenshot, folders are listed first (1) then files (2).

To better organize your files, create as much folders as you want, you can also move your files from one folder to another.

Files and folders can be renamed by clicking the Rename link (3). Some types of files (html, text) may be edited online and you will see the Edit link next to them (4). Other files will need to be edited on your local computer and uploaded again.

IMPORTANT: If you upload a file with the same name as an existing file it will automatically be overwritten.

To preview or download any file you have uploaded just click on its name.


Adding a Folder in the Files storage area

1. In the Files area, click on the Make a folder button.
Moodle 03.png

2. Give the new folder a name and then click Create. This will create a new empty folder in your Files storage area
Moodle 04.png


Uploading Files into Folders

To upload files into the folder you just created, first click on the folder’s name to open it. The folder is initially empty. To add files click on Upload a file.
Moodle 05.png

Browse for the file on your local computer, select it and click Open, then click on Upload this file. This will put the file in the folder.
Moodle 06.png

NOTE: if your content resides on an internet site then you don’t need to upload the files at all - you can create links from your course directly to them by selecting the Link to a file or web site from the Add a resource... drop down menu. We’ll explore it in more details in its appropriate section.

Upload more than one file to the Files area

If you want to upload a number of files at once, place all the files in one folder on your computer. Right-Click on the folder and choose Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder or use any archive/compression program (ie. IZArc, WinZIP, WinRAR,..) to compress this folder to get one single .ZIP file.

Upload the zip file (just like you did for uploading a single file) and then unzip them inside the Files area (you will see an Unzip link next to zipped files).
Moodle 07.png

Consequently a folder will be created inside the Files area with all the contents of the zipped file.

At SSIS, we use the program IZArc for managing compressed .ZIP files. It can be downloaded for free here.

Link to file/website

Now that the material is in the Files area, you need to link them to the course homepage to make them available for the students.

Go to the course homepage and Turn editing on. Go to the topic or week where you would like the file to appear, and then choose Link to a file or web site from the Add a resource... drop down menu.
Moodle 08.png

Type in a title in the Name field (1) , this will be the name of the link the students will click on to access the file. You can type a summary for this link in the Summary (2) text box (optional).
Moodle 09.png

If you are linking to a file, click the Choose or upload a file … (3) button. This will open a standard browse/choose window (see next section for a full description about choosing files). If you would like to link to a web site, then paste the website URL in the Location text box. You can also click the Search for a web page...(4) button to open up a search window. When you find the page in the search window, you may drag and drop its link to the Location text box, or simply copy and paste the address of the page.


Choosing a File

Choosing Choose or upload a file … in the previous section will open up the file browser (see below). Now that you are choosing to link a file, you will see Choose listed next to the files in your Files storage area. Simply click Choose to load the file you want. Moodle will return you to the Adding a new Resource screen, now you only need to scroll down to the end of the page and click on the Save and return to course button at the bottom of the page to make the file available for your students.

Moodle 10.png

You will need to repeat these steps for each file you want to link to the course homepage. Once you have linked the files, students will see links to these files on your Moodle course homepage.


Adding a Directory

If you wish to display a link to an entire folder in your Files, you can choose to display a directory (instead of linking each file alone). Turn editing on, then go to the Add resources... drop down menu in the topic or week where you would like to place the directory.
Moodle 11.png

A new page will open, type in a title for the directory in the Name (1) text box. You can add a summary for this directory in the Summary text box. Choose the name of the folder from the Display a directory (2) drop down menu. You can choose any folder found in your Files storage area.

Moodle 12.png

Click the Save and return to course (3) button.

Now students can see the directory in the course page and access the files inside by clicking on its name.

As you add or delete files in this folder in the Files storage area, they will be automatically added or deleted to students in this directory.

NOTE: Students cannot access any file in the Files storage area if it is not placed in the directory/folder you selected to be displayed.

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