MS-HS (U14-U19) Swimming

2018-2019 Season 1

(August 13 to May 12)

Mondays and Thurdays from 3:10-4:30 on front and back SSIS fields

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Welcome Back Swimmers!

We are really looking forward to an exciting new season! 


Web Site on TeamUnify:  In just a few short weeks we will be introducing our TeamUnify website where swimmers & parents will be able to register for meets, look at results and get lots of wonderful information about our swim team.  Once we launch that site this page will only act as a link to that site for the future.  

Electronic Timing System:  Over the next few weeks we will be installing the electronic timing system display boards and we will run a time trial with the new touch pads.  We will need lots of help from our community to run this time trial and will look for support from our parents. We will schedule a meeting for all swimmers & a parent to learn about the new timing system and web site early next month.

General Information

Swimmers are special - your training time is different from other sports teams, you put in more kilometers of training, you often swim in the morning and for those die-hard swimmers 2x’s per day, you are expected to not breath much while training & competing, and the list goes on and on.  We want you to become excellent swimmers and to do this you have to give your best effort and practice good techniques throughout your training. Much of what you learn while participating on a sports team does transfer into your academics and personal life.  We want you to be successful and represent our community well!

PRACTICES: There are a total of 7 practices offered during the week. The minimum requirements are listed below.  If you want to see strong improvements we encourage you to attend more than the minimum number.  Last year we designated sessions as a MS or HS practice - this year they are the same; however, you may attend the practice times that work best for you.    

This year we are also asking that all swimmers  attend a minimum of 3 practices per week. 

If you miss a practice you are expected to make it up as soon as possible. You must communicate with your coach and is possible prior to missing the practice.

UNIFORMS: We have new team suits this year - they are slightly different for the girls this year. You may use the same suit as last year if you wish or purchase a new one which has a pattern on the suits.   They are made by our uniform supplier so delivery will be quite fast.  You will be given an opportunity to try on a sample suit before selecting your size and placing your order. There are still some of the old towels and caps available. Swim Team Parkas are also for sale.  Costs are listed below:
     Team Swim Suit:  600,000 VND                                                      Team Parka:  1,500,000 VND

How to order your suit or parka.  Contact Coach Elizabeth for an order form. 


Until the new website is launched this is the place to gather information.  You will receive emails from the new website for all communication once it is launched later this month.  As mentioned before - we will have a training session to explain the new site and how to navigate through it.

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