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Login to Khan Academy via the clever link



  • Delete all courses from the previous year (having courses or sections with the same name or IDs can prevent the integration from working properly in the future).
  • Remove any students you are no longer teaching from the rosters to prevent overload or complications with students adding other teachers.


Students Under 13

If a student is younger than 13 in Clever’s system, the student will have to input their parent’s email.  Make sure they have their parent’s correct email entered.    

Dashboard Student Display Names
Before students log into Khan Academy, all students will be displayed as ‘Clever Student’.  The displayed ‘Clever Student’ will change to the user’s username once they log in.

After the students log in and have their Clever account integrate with an existing Khan account, or create a new one, their displayed names will change on the dashboard.

Your students by default will be assigned a user nickname similar to “John508” (student’s first name or first letter of the first name plus random numbers). 

Teachers can change their students’ display names in their roster.

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